Explore the World of Sikara & Co Jewelry

   By Miranda Hilderbrand

       There are two things we pride ourselves on at Hatbox: being a local business and being a modern version of a haberdashery. Haberdasheries have a long history of being accessories or small notions stores. In the late 19th and early 20th century, a haberdashery was more of a men’s accessory store. Items sold were bow ties, gloves, scarves, hats and small notions such as buttons and sewing supplies. As a modern haberdashery, we include women’s accessories in the mix. Recently we’ve added an amazing line of jewelry by Sikara & Co. to our Domain location.

    The story of Sikara is one as unique and worldly as its collections. Founded by Mousumi Shaw, Sikara’s Modern Fusion Jewelry is a reflection on her life as a first generation Indian-American and her passion for art, jewelry and other cultures. Inspired from the Indian word Shikara, meaning houseboat, this beautiful collection of jewelry symbolizes our life journeys and the fusion of our experiences from other cultures. Mousumi travels the world and works with her team of inspirational designers to create “Country Collections” that use jewelry to reflect the culture and history of each country she visits.

     Our Sikara collection at Hatbox includes designs inspired from India, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, Spain and Brazil. While impossible to pick a favorite, we have decided to highlight several pieces from this extraordinary collection, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

The Swirly Earrings are most definitely a staff favorite. Inspired from modern Indian design, they are a classic and contemporary take on hoop earrings. Available in extra small, small, medium and large sizing, they come in a classic sterling silver as well as a brushed silver. Sikara recommends that this collection be worn through the back of the ear so the style can be seen more vividly.


The Capri Isola Bracelet with Faceted Oval Stone is a stunning example of the Italian Country Collection. This piece was inspired by the Island of Capri with the faceted Labradorite stone being reflective of the transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Like the island, this bracelet is both picturesque and glamourous. It is hand-crafted using five sterling silver oval links and has a toggle closure to allow it to be worn at different lengths to fit most wrist sizes.


Another example of modern Italian design is the Rectangular Italian Stone Pendant on a Snake Chain. While driving along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the architecture of  the small village of Positano caught Mousumi’s eye. This black onyx pendant, outlined with a silver rectangle, reminded her of the square and rectangular houses of the village. The snake chain (sold separately) slips through the top and leaves a stunning opening between the chain and the onyx, giving a floating effect.

    While difficult to choose only one ring to highlight, the Gaudi Mosaic Cocktail Ring stands out in the collection. This modern cocktail ring with green amethyst and lemon topaz stones is a staple of the Spanish Country Collection. Its design is inspired from the geometric shapes of architect Antoni Gaudi’s work in Barcelona. This show stopper can make any outfit shimmer and can be easily dressed up or worn to add a burst of sparkle to your casual attire.

     The mission of Sikara & Co. is “to bring the world closer by celebrating global designs”. Their collection is an incredible display of beauty, culture, design and high fashion through jewelry. We are very excited to offer their pieces at our Domain location. Pictures simply do not do them justice –  please come in and try on these stunning collections! Discover which designs call out to you and your own personal journey.