The Big Wide World of Haberdashery (2.0)

Welcome to the exciting new Hatbox website! Over the last several months we have worked hard to rebuild our site from the ground up. At Hatbox we feel our shop is more than just a store, it is a carefully crafted hat experience where you can trust our Haberdashers to help find the perfect hat for your needs. We strive to be your authority on all things hat related whether it’s questions of style, fit, quality or product knowledge.

We want our website to offer the same exceptional customer service that our physical location is known for. We look forward to bringing you the very best the hat world has to offer! Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you think of the new design, or if you find yourself downtown Austin please stop in and say hello!

Lauri Turner- ownerLauri Turner- Owner and Haberdasher Extraordinaire!